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Local SEO Services are powerful for small businesses: Many consumers use local searches to find local area information that means if your business is not locally optimized then you’ll be missing out on 80% of your relevant customers.

Marketing Mercury is here to help you with SEO Services For Local Business which ensures that your consumers can find you locally and you will be always at the top of the list.

Then if you are struggling to get the calls or leads for your business. We are here all heart to help you with Local SEO Services.

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Local SEO Services: What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is basically to help the business to promote their products and services to the local area and customers. It helps businesses to increase their visibility in search engines, reach a maximum audience that can be converted into potential customers, and then increase business revenue.

Like traditional SEO, In Local SEO services, you have to focus on your business listings in online results. Suppose if your potential customers are searching for a business like yours in their area then it becomes essential for you to appear on the top of the search engine results.

This is where SEO Services For Local Business is going to help you get ranking in search engine results and also to generate leads, visits for your business. If wondering how this thing will happen, then keep reading for local SEO services.

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What we cover in our Local SEO Services?

Local Business Optimization is really gonna help you to increase your visibility, to create brand awareness, and come in contact with potential clients. Local business optimization or Local SEO Services will be going to help you to target your potential audience.

We will discuss in more detail, what we are going to cover in our Local SEO Services:

1. Optimizing Google My Business Listings

First, your business needs to be listed on various platforms and then to rank in google maps, You need a legitimate business, need a business license and then start with your NAP(Name, Address, and Phone Number) data filling. This NAP needs to be the same at every platform where you are submitting your listing. You’ll be going to have a problem later. If your NAP data is not the same everywhere.

These are the main things that need to be done to optimize for your business in Google my business listings so that you can rank for local searches.

After optimizing your business information you can also submit Google my business post daily or as per strategy. Posting on Google My business will help you to increase your business post views and visibility. Which is beneficial for business.

2. Optimizing Local Citations Building

Optimizing your business for various local citation listings can be very helpful. In addition to Google My Business Listing, we will be going to list our business on more than one citation site. So that we can be more visible to our customers.

Into these citations, you will have to submit some essential information like the company’s name, address, phone number, and website, etc. Citation building can be helpful to earn a local listing on Bing, Yelp, Foursquare. Facebook, Apple Maps, Tripadvisors, and many others.

Local Business Listing services from Marketing Mercury ensure that your citation will be updated and drive relevant traffic to your website.

3. Keyword Targeting

If you want to rank into local searches, then you will need to target local business keywords on your website and into the website content. Right keyword targeting can be very helpful for you to rank your business in the local search engine.

You have to implement some keywords with a specific location so that it will be going to help you in rankings. So that you will appear in more local searches so that more people can find you and contact you.

4. Online Review or Reputation Management

It is necessary for any business to maintain their online reviews appropriately. Because these words can impact your reputation in the marketplace.

So it’s better if your response is quick and always monitor your reviews online. You should always respond to every review quickly, patiently, and positively whether they are negative reviews.

Your response should be mild and situation handling. So that it will be how you manage your customers.

These ratings and reviews can appear on your website, as well as other websites like Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook business page. You have to deal with positive as well as negative reviews.

Before voting any local business people visit it online and check their reviews and ratings. So updated reviews and responses to questions and comments will encourage more people to come and visit your store.

You don’t need to worry about your business review management. Marketing Mercury offers online reviews and reputation management services. So contact us today without wasting a second of your time.

5. Link Building OR Off-Page

Earning quality backlinks can be a challenging part of your business. But if you will be able to get that quality backlink it will help to boost your local search rankings.

By focusing on content marketing for your local business you can promote content which targets your local business keywords. If other sites will like your content then they will link back your website link with their own content. This is how you can get the quality link.

As we know that Google will consider both the number and quality of your backlinks. This means that it is important to have a strong backlink profile, with high authority link values.

6. UI & UX Analysis

It is one of the most important parts that your website should be user friendly. So that people can have a great user experience(UX) on your website. Which will definitely be going to attract more customers for your local business.

If you don’t have positive UX, then your website visitors will definitely be going to leave your website as soon as they have come to the website. This will lead to an increase in your website bounce rate that will be harmful to harm your website ranking. It can affect your website negatively.

Here we have some quick tips on how you can optimize your website’s UX & UI experience:

  • Optimize your page speed.
  • Use attractive calls to action for website visitors.
  • Segment key information with bullets
  • Use the hyperlink to differentiation
  • Include well-designed & well-written headlines and more.

7. Mobile Responsive Optimization

This is the final service that you have to invest in making your website responsive to various platforms like tablets, Mobile and desktops, etc. Even for different models also. Because if you want to grow your business then every aspect should be considered that can help us in ranking or having some good feedback from the client.

Nearly 60% of online searches will occur from mobile devices. So, it is crucial these days for businesses to adopt mobile responsive designs.

Not Sure that your website is mobile-friendly or not?

Check it out with Google’s free Mobile-Friendly Test tools, Just Click. If not satisfied with the results or facing some issues just give us a take. So that we can help you out.

Marketing Mercury has a professional and experienced Website Designer and Developer team. They will resolve your problem quickly.

Google My Business Post
Local Business SEO Process

Get a Boost In Ranking

Perks of Local Business SEO Services

After explaining the whole services process, It is difficult for you to understand how this is going to make an impact on your business or how this will benefit you.

Searches with “near me” words have increased in the past year. This means that more and more people are searching for easy to access approaches.

70% - 80% of people who search on a local search engine for something, will go to the store or shop which is within a few miles. This gives us a reason to optimize our business for local areas. So that you can get the leads from your local areas.

So, let’s discuss some of the perks of using Local SEO Marketing for business:


We have mentioned before that Local SEO Services are trackable. You will be able to get each and every piece of information about how and how much your campaign is performing. Are you getting any positive outcomes from these services or not? So all these things are trackable.

We have a Google Analytics tool with this platform, you will be able to see the traffic details that you are having on your website, even you can keep track of your real-time traffic.

The fact is that local business SEO services are completely trackable, you will not be in a dark place. This is a huge plus for you that you can test, learn, and grow your local SEO campaigns over time.


Google My Business results are more powerful when you optimize your GMB Profile, and posts.

Then search engine results will come up with your map location, reviews, and more information about your business.

This increases the visibility of your local business because people are searching out there for what they want.

Choosing Local SEO for the growth of your business is always the right decision you have made


Local SEO will definitely increase the website traffic of your business. You will be more visible on Google’s SERP pages.

Well, that is why more traffic is always good for business. All you need to do is just optimize your website for mobile. Because most of the traffic you are going to have is mobile traffic. So, If your website is not mobile responsive you will definitely be going to lose some potential customers.


Creating and sharing quality content is always the basic and important component of SEO, whether it is for Local SEO Marketing or Other SEO’s. Content will always be the KING.

So, creating high-quality content and sharing it with the target audience can be a good move. By doing this you can get quality backlinks also.


For building a trust value for a brand you need to build a positive relationship as well as positive reviews.

According to BrightLocal Survey, Shoppers expect to see a minimum 4-star rating and 88% of people believe in online reviews these days.


You can use Google my business insight, this feature will allow you to see how the user is coming to your business, their number, and complete insights. Which can be useful for us to optimize it further.

Qualities that the best local SEO Services Company should have

If you are looking for the best Local SEO Services Company, then you are in the right place. Please have a look at some of the top qualities of a good company.

1. Realistic and Honest Commitments

A good Digital Marketing Agency will always offer their client realistic and honest commitment instead of making fool of them and overpromising. A good SEO company will always know that getting a website’s keywords to the topmost page is not an easy task. Big and popular brands also aim for the topmost rank and they have many resources behind them. So, Getting to the top rank is possible but it is a time-consuming process, it will take time. It will not be easy, fast, or cheap.

Local SEO Companies

Customized Billing Packages

Various companies will have a different need when it comes to local business SEO services and a good agency always knows that. So. Good companies will take time and analyze your business, then after discussing your goals and achievements that you want, after that, they will be going to discuss pricing.

Regular and Planned Communication

When you are going to hire an SEO agency to handle your business and SEO strategies for your business. Then you also expect that to have regular and planned communication. Most of the reputable companies will set regular and planned communication with their clients whether, through emails, phone calls, video conferencing calls, etc., or some of them will issue proper guidelines for communication in their contact.

So making proper communication between agency and client is necessary for both of them.

Employs Latest Techniques For Work

This Digital Marketing or you can say that online marketing is a dynamic field and constantly expanding and SEO techniques are evolving day by day. So, a good agency will always look upon regular updates in search engine optimization techniques. They will be up to date and after analyzing new techniques and applying them to their work.

How Local SEO Delivers More Foot Traffic

As we have discussed a lot about choosing local services and getting traffic from them.

Marketing Mercury is full of Digital Marketing Service Agency that offers your various SEO services and custom strategies that will be going to help you to get online as well as foot traffic at your store.

Here are some of the services that we offer you, check out the list of services below:

  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Services
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Services
  • Social Media Marketing(SMM) Services
  • Email Marketing(EM) Service
  • Content Marketing(CM) Services
  • Online Review Management(ORM) Services
  • And Many More Other Services!

Marketing Mercury is here to help you with meeting your new marketing goals, get ranking and traffic, and also generate foot traffic for your local business store.

We have an in-house team of professionals and experienced Digital Marketers who are going to be your next dedicated digital marketer to assist you to achieve your business goals and get the desired results for you.

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