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Marketing Mercury is the leading search engine optimization service Agency. We help to increase potential traffic to your website and then convert them into customers. No matter what we are here to assist you to fulfill your company marketing goals. Marketing Mercury is here to help you to choose the right approach to increase your website traffic with SEO marketing service campaigns that specify your business. We will end up with a high conversion rate for your website.

Search Engine Optimization That Will Helps You To Grow Website Traffic

Give a boost to your business growth with Marketing Mercury. Our complete SEO process will be going to help you to increase your potential traffic, improve conversion rates, and to get the number #1 SEO ranking on SERP Page.

Doing SEO is not only about using tools, but It is about the execution of perfect strategy and hard work. In our complete Seo process, we will be going to focus on the keyword research process, on-page, and off-page optimization, then content improvement and implementation. Which will help you to get the desired business results

Marketing Mercury is a Professional SEO Services Provider having years of experience in marketing. We will provide you with a business strategy that is strategized by professionals to lead your business to a growth graph.

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Want to increase your website traffic, ranking, and revenue? You are in the right place

You can achieve growth by applying for the promotion of your business the right way, Marketing Mercury can help you out with this. We are here to provide you with the right digital marketing strategy for your business which will definitely help you with increasing conversion rates and revenue for your business.

Affordable SEO Services

We are helping businesses to grow their business for years. Our professionals give them the right pathway to grow. Our full-fledged team having years of experience delivering transparent services, and result-oriented strategies, plans. You can see the results by themselves.

Leading SEO Services Agency

Our Complete SEO Services Process Methodology

This process is to explain the complete methodology of the SEO services process. As we said that we believe in providing transparent services, that is why we are going to explain the complete process.

Business Research and Analysis

Our SEO Marketing services start with researching and analyzing the website/business. Then identifying the #1 goals for the business, targeted audience, and demographics for the business. When settling these alongside our digital marketing experts work on the complete search engine optimization strategy. Doing in-depth research on business competitors and analyzing the website’s on-page factors, server analysis, etc.

Optimization and Keyword Research

Coming up with the next phase after completing the research part. Now we go through a complete website which is a part of Technical SEO, From the website’s UI & UX parts to the complete SEO. We have a professional web development team so that we can take care of Technical SEO parts on our own, While Sorting the Technical SEO part we start with keyword research. Keyword research is basically one of the most important parts of our SEO process. Because Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about choosing the right keyword for your website. One wrong choice can make you suffer a lot. Our diligent keyword research process is the heart of the SEO process. Choosing the specific keywords for your website can lead us to get potential traffic.

We do competitor keywords analysis.
Coming up with keyword mapping reports.
After that Keyword Tracking.

Content Strategy and Implementation

Everyone is aware of the fact that content is the king if it comes to getting the desired SEO ranking. Rich content always stays ahead of the line. Your website content is what users count on taking knowledge from blog posts whether you are selling something or providing some educational information content always plays a vital role in the field.

We provide you with a new content topic, professional content copy, and rich quality content for your business.

Leading SEO Services Agency

Media & Link- Building Process

Quality backlinks are the backbone of the website. When your website has quality backlinks then you will play long in the ground. We provide high-quality graphics, rich media, and quality backlinks for your business. Because we do not want you to suffer we want our clients to be happy.

So, we will do proper content and services promotion for your business. We will run various marketing campaigns for businesses. We will be going to provide you with relevant mentions from blogs.

Testing and Results

Getting desired results is not a small task to do. So, we are here to provide you with quality works whether it is content, backlinks, or media which will definitely help you to gain the desired results for the business.

We will be providing you with measurement reports which will help you to keep track and understand how much we are growing.

Get a Boost In Ranking

Answer to your question: How Seo Services will help you to improve your Online Presence?

Online presence actually means that having all identities that you have created across the web. Summing up all those identities shows up your online presence across the online world. How the audience is interacting with your business and participating, online.

It includes your website, social media profiles, and any other page which comes up when someone searches your business or business-related something. Your online presence can be only fruitful for your business when you are maintaining it carefully. When you optimize successfully then your audience interaction can be converted into your potential customers.

That is why your online presence has the potential to attain and retain customers to your business. Building an online presence can be a challenging task but we are all here to help you throughout the process.

SEO is the best strategy to grow your business presence, online traffic, qualified leads, earn more conversion and revenue.

Let's talk more about some SEO strategies:

This is the foundation process of SEO. In website auditing your account manager will look at the following:

Website’s Analytics
Google Search Console Data
Website Speed
Website’s Backlinks

By auditing your website, Your dedicated SEO expert finds the area of improvement as well as the opportunities that we have. For better results and insights into your website, our dedicated SEO team uses tools so that we can get a multi-pronged approach to your website. SEO auditing basically gives a competitive edge to your strategy.

Make sure that keyword research is done properly because without doing proper keyword research we won’t be able to rank or appear in google SERP. One proper online marketing strategy is needed to get success for your business. Choosing the right keywords can be a plus for businesses that is why keyword research is a vital part of SEO strategy.

It really helps your customer or clients to reach you. Your keywords should be implemented strategically on your website content. So that it will help your website content to appear on top of the Google SERP page.

In the keywords research process we suggest you approach the PIE structure method

The term PIE stands for Protect, Improve, Expand.


This Protect portion is for the keywords that are already ranking for the website and what we should do is to lock that position. So, conversion rates on these keywords are highly valued.


In this Improve section we need to target low hanging fruits or opportunity keywords. So, that we can work upon them and target them to improve their ranking. These keywords are caliber to rank. So we can target them and make them rank.


This Expand portion is for opportunity term which is used for PPC. These keywords do not rank organically.

Content Creation and Implementation

Content is the KING for a website, this is because we rank in google search result pages. Without content, it is nearly impossible to rank a website.

When you have done the keyword research and mapping process, then we need to create content according to those keywords. We need to put keywords into content strategically so that it’ll help us to rank easily.

This part requires more attention because once you have carefully keywords implemented into the content, it will make the game easier for you. You can use content to get reach and then convert them into clients whether you are operating your business online or offline.

There are many types of content which you can use, blog post content, or some online guide, all these content types will add up a score in your ranking bar.

With content, companies can target every step of the funnel. Whether it is an early stage of the funnel or the last purchasing guidelines for the customer. Content will help you out in every aspect, that is why we call content KING.

We have some examples of different content pages and how they are beneficial for your website ranking:

Blog Content

As you all know very well that it’s all the game of algorithms and google loves new and fresh content on the website. Blog content provides a variety of content to websites and it is a short piece of content. Blog content length could be 1000 words, more or less depending on the topic. People love to read blogs because they contain information and following tips for them.

Services Pages

Services pages usually contains detailed content about the services that business is offering to their customers. It is a great opportunity to explain to potential clients about the services we are offering, their prices and more relevant information. Because people love to read more about what they are getting before they make a purchase.

Product Pages

Product pages are very helpful for the eCommerce business. Basically, product pages contain the complete product information, their dimensions, colors, product description, manufacturing details and size availability, and much other relevant information. These product pages are important because they play important roles in making purchase decisions.

On-page and Off-page optimization

On-page optimization is an essential part of the SEO process. Whether you are looking for a website to rank on google, bing, or yahoo. You have to do all the important tasks of on-page optimization to get ranked. We are following a 360-degree approach for on-page optimization.

Our on-page services are based on some factors like optimizing the web site’s content, their title and description, speed, responsiveness, and some other techniques.

Off-page we are focusing on creating quality content and then sharing it on the web. Creating quality backlinks is our area of focus by using various off-page techniques.

Quality backlink helps you to maintain your ranking long run. So, once you are capable of achieving that position then only quality work can save your ranking on the Google SERP page in the long run.

Now, we take a
approach to on-page SEO by focusing on:


Your website should be fast as your web page should load in 3 sec or less. Otherwise, it is for sure that the user will be going to navigate away from your website. So, we’ll optimize your website speed.

Website’s Responsiveness

Your website should be user-friendly and responsive for all devices like desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Your user should get the same experience on all devices.


Your website should be rich in media but your media should be optimized for better speed and user experience. If your website will only have text then it will become boring for your user. So, to avoid that boredom you need to add some interactive media. Which will help you in user engagement.

Quality Content

As we have discussed above that content quality should be rich. You need to create quality content if you want to get quality backlinks. You need to ensure that your website should have rich media to your content, Google will love this type of content.

How to choose the best SEO Services Company?

When you are looking for the best SEO services company for your business. It is critical to think about features when you are comparing SEO agencies because search engine optimization is a long term strategy. To plan a proper strategy you need an experienced partner. When you are going to search for a Professional SEO Services Provider, you should keep these points in mind:


When it comes to choosing a service provider that will manage your business project for the long run then transparency is one of the most important factors that you should consider. Whether you are a small business or brand-named international company, you want a company that will be transparent with you from start to finish. As you want to find a leading SEO service agency that will provide the best of services and prices up-front on their website. This will save wasting time and money for the long run and give you ideas to grow your business.


As we all know, clients' testimonials say a lot about a company. Testimonials are basically a way for a client to tell everyone about their wonderful experience. They come directly from clients who have worked with Best SEO Companies. Good Testimonials basically boost the company’s confidence and also build long-term bonding with clients. So before choosing an SEO Management Service company you should go through testimonials and all other considering factors.

Company’s Specialities and Services

Before hiring an SEO Services Agency you should check out their website and go through all possible aspects. This will save your time and money on the wrong company. If they are specialized in their industry they may share each service detail and case studies. So that you can have a better understanding. Also, take a look at their awards and certifications of the company.

Not Only Optimizing but Also Driving Your Revenue up!

Why Choose Marketing Mercury For SEO Services?

If you’re looking for a leading SEO services Agency that drives you markable results then Marketing Mercury is your one-stop solution. We are providing impeccable services to hundreds of clients from all over around and for years.

We have a team of excellent marketing professionals and SEO service specialists; they are certified professionals and they know how to provide and analyze the outcome.

Also, we have a team of dedicated professionals in web development, copywriting, and outreach team to provide you with professional services and packages. We are a full-fledged professional SEO services provider company that specializes in various domains. Let's discuss below:

PPC (pay-per-click) Advertising

With PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising, You can reach your potential clients and increase your revenue by smartly investing in paid advertising. Our PPC experts team of paid advertising to reach your potential customers and ready to grow your business.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a good experience for us. Content is the king of the whole website. You can always write unique content for every website. Our team is here to help your business to create unique and compelling content that can connect with your audience.

Website design and Development

Get your attractive, easy to use website which is aligned with best SEO Practices. We have a team of experts that can help you out with designing and developing attractive websites, mobile-optimized, better page speed.

Email Marketing

We will help you to connect with your audience and build a long term relationship with email. We have a dedicated team of inbound marketing who will be going to help you to attract, nurture, and convert your potential leads into customers with email marketing.

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